O projektu

Regional project "Sustainable agriculture for sustainable Balkans: Strengthening advocacy capacities of CSOs and developing policies in the Western Balkans" is aimed at strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations for public advocacy and developing regional policies in the field of sustainable agriculture, protection of biodiversity and animal welfare in the area of the Western Balkans.


      1) Strengthening civil society organizations for advocacy through a special Grant & Training Programme aimed at delivering training for civil society organizations in the field of organizational development and advocacy, providing coaching support to organizations in order to develop advocacy projects in the field of sustainable agriculture and financing the best projects.
      2) Regional report on biodiversity protection in agricultural landscape in the Western Balkans is the good foundation on which to build national programs for identification and monitoring of high nature value agricultural landscapes. The report is written by Regional working platform for biodiversity conservation in agricultural landscapes. The Platform gathers experts, representatives of organizations of civil society and public institutions, supported by The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.
      3) Informing and involving the public by organizing training for media representatives and developing educational materials on the socio-economic benefits of sustainable agriculture, protection of biodiversity and animal welfare

In addition, through this project, two important researches on the capacities of CSOs or public attitudes on the civil sector in the field of agriculture and environmental protection in the territory of the Western Balkans are carried out.