The project "Reconstruction of traditional agricultural landscapes for sustainable agriculture - AGRISCAPE & ME" is aimed at contributing to the development of sustainable agriculture through advocacy for the restoration, preservation, and improvement of traditional agricultural landscapes as part of the overall cultural landscape in Montenegro.

Starting from a wider understanding of the heritage that "encompasses all aspects of the environment created by the interaction of man and space over time", cultural landscape represents the widest and most comprehensive category of cultural heritage. An important part of the cultural landscape is the traditional agricultural landscape that covers a large part of the Western Balkans, including Montenegro. Traditional agricultural landscapes have been created throughout history through various agricultural activities of people in a given area. These landscapes contribute to the creation of local cultures and identities, as well as the values of the overall cultural landscape and are the basic resources of a territory.

The AGRISCAPE&ME project contributes to understanding the value and protection of traditional agricultural landscapes in Montenegro, ie.their adequate management, through the implementation of a pilot project for the protection of the traditional agricultural landscape in the village of Gornja Lastva on Vrmac. Through this project, a platform of relevant actors will be established in the fields of agriculture, cultural heritage, landscape, and planning, which will contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture in Montenegro by drafting recommendations for improving the legal and institutional framework for the protection, planning and management of traditional agricultural landscapes. The implementation of the project will be accompanied by a campaign promoting the importance of the traditional agricultural landscape for the local culture and identity.

The project is implemented by the organization "EXPEDITIO Center for Sustainable Spatial Development, with the support of partners and cooperation of the Rural Development Network of Montenegro. It is financed by the European Union within the regional project "Sustainable agriculture for sustainable Balkans: Strengthening advocacy capacities of CSOs and developing policies in the Western Balkans" implemented by the regional consortium of CSOs: IEP (Albania), FLOROZON (The Republic of North Macedonia) AKTIV (Kosovo *), CZIP (Montenegro), led by ORCA (Serbia).

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