Project "Make Small Important - Improving sustainability of small agricultural holdings with small-scale added-value production and transparent support measures" dealt with some of the most important problems of small agricultural holdings in Serbia.

The goal of the project was to strengthen the position of small agricultural producers in Serbia by achieving better protection of products with geographical indication, raising awareness about the need to introduce flexibility measures for small and traditional agricultural producers in food safety legislation and a better selection of support measures for small agricultural producers.


1. Better control of the geographical indication sign

  • Comprehensive research related to the control of the use of geographical indication signsconducted in a participatory manner that identified main problems to be tackled by competent authorities to allow for better valorisation of the products with geographical indication signs.
  • A position paperelaborating steps competent authorities need to make in order to deal with problems related to control of the use of geographical names was createdin a participatory manner and based on research conducted under this project.

2. Higher flexibility of the food safety requirements and better operating conditions for small-scale and traditional agricultural producers

  • Rulebook for flexibility of food safety rules for animal productsadopted in January 2018 as a result of project’s advocacy efforts. This rulebook will improvethe position of small agricultural holders. Farmers’ Association has been involved in development of this Rulebook as part of the Working Group.
  • The Research of the constraintssmall-scale and traditional producers face to comply with food safety regulations was conducted.
  • A position paper related to improving position of small-scale and traditional farmers including better conditions for their fiscal and statutory operation was createdin a participatory manner and based on research conducted under this project.

3. More transparent support measures for agricultural producers

  • A „Shadow report“about main problems related to transparency, distribution and effectiveness of agricultural subsidies, transparency of spending agricultural budget, IPARD component and access to information of public importance created and published in order to increase awareness of the spent funds and to mobilise stakeholders for further policy dialogue for inclusive and efficient measures and targeted agricultural policy measures.

This project was implemented by the organisation “Farmers’ Association” from Serbia, with support from partners and associates. The project was funded by the European Union within the regional project "Sustainable agriculture for sustainable Balkans: Strengthening advocacy capacities of CSOs and developing policies in the Western Balkans" implemented by the regional consortium of CSOs: IEP (Albania), FLOROZON (The Republic of North Macedonia) AKTIV (Kosovo*), CZIP (Montenegro), led by ORCA (Serbia).

Download the poster presentation of the project.

*This name is without prejudice to status and in line with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and the opinion of the International Court of Justice on the declaration of Kosovo's independence

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